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The life of a mute retard

January 29, 2012

Lol life of a mute retard you’ll probably won’t like the title but i don’t care 😐 ….anyways before i digress the idea was gotten from a fellow blogger whose name was ‘life of a shy talkative’ i mean lol how does that happen ‘shy talkative’ being shy and a talkative at the same time. i culdnt see dat happening till i saw d amount of tweets she had :O den i grabbed ….so it clicked since im mute and i hardly talk but i have dis reatardness in me i decided to find a place to express my retardness (i dont know if that word exists) not to digress
…here are some facts about me in my life I’ve had more nicknames than football clubs in England #trutalk
…I’ve had more crushes on girls than nicknames 😦
…in case u dint read this earlier but I’m a retard
…probably the greatest Chelsea fan ever
…i go to the saddest school in the world #gofigure
…i’m 6ft 3 and i cant play basketball
…im not sure but i think i did primary school in ‘yabaleft’
…was in the choir 1ce but because of how bad my voice was they made me the conductor #trutalk.
That’s enough about me back to the main reason why i started blogging.., I decided to blog about my everyday life and what i notice.
A first thing 1st yesterday was a mess got about like 3 spam dms on twitter. The day turned out to be alright after that wrote my 5th and 6th papers probably killed it, finally spoke to the girl that was on my bbm; but I never knew her she turned to be less prettier than she was in her dps ~shrug~ but its aii i mean it doesn’t mean i cant still ‘do’ her ;).
I went to the library for the first time dis year and it was awkward and all because i dint go dere to read (no one goes there to read any more*smh) i went there to browse cause i had to read gidifornication and network in the hostels were too slow. I was kind of disappointed though cause no new material was available …,.And besides the gidigirl sounds* familiar 😉 anyways I’m feeling really sleepy now and its almost morning . I probably not go for service today yeah and (i was paid for this) ‘AIDS is real use protection’
read again


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